Era of errors

A tragedy of errors –  Has Kenya degenerated to the ‘Error Republic’?  We surely deserve better. Sample this:

  • Two television journalists inanely giggle on live national TV over a woman’s stripping in public by a bunch of Neanderthals. Thereafter, and only upon the insistence of civic-minded citizens, the journalists ‘apologise’, and they airily and offhandedly attribute their callous fits of giggles to their human condition and a “scripting error”
  • The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) publishes uncannily similar figures for presidential candidates in several constituencies across the country. It explains one case only as a “typing error” (no need to explain the rest, it seems)
  • At the Supreme Court hearings on the petitions against IEBC declaring Uhuru Kenyatta’s election as President, his lawyer attributes anomalies detected by the Court’s own re-tallying to “clerical errors” by IEBC
  • The helicopter crash in which George Saitoti and five others perished is blamed on “pilot error”. KTN’s Jicho Pevu aired on April 7 2013 differs.
  • A KES 9.2b discrepancy in the national budget described as having been “too consistent to have been missed by the Treasury” is attributed to a “typing error”

On the sidelines of all these were the “some six people” slur and the alleged hacking of the K24 Twitter account which sent out the ‘prophetic’ future-tense tweet below on the (then yet-to-have-been-delivered) verdict of the Supreme Court, and its implications:

And so it came to pass the following day in the Supreme Court and the public sphere – EXACTLY as the malware-induced, tense-sensitive and supremely savvy K24 tweet had foretold.

There was no public reprimand from the Court on slur or tweet (less fortunate, though, was the Law Society of Kenya Chair, who riled the Court and attracted its ire).

The lack of reprimand is in much the same way that IEBC apparently had no problems with KTN TV calling the election for Uhuru in the dead of the night, after IEBC having advised Kenyans to go to sleep, and even as the declaration on the result of the presidential election was to be made solely by IEBC the following day, by its own commitment and reiteration.

One can only wonder what other “errors” lie in store in our uncertain future, with a complicit, compromised and apparently uncaring and unconcerned media, coupled with an uncouth and extremely suspicious orchestrated, concerted and relentless campaign against civil society. A campaign that employs language and characters most uncivil.


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