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Wangari Maathai, in her own words – Freedom turns a corner: Part 1

The push for political pluralism: Saba Saba, live bullets and  ‘political’ trees  Today’s excerpt, the third, covers the early 1990s. Prof Maathai’s tribulations at the hands of the government continue, as she joins hands with like-minded pro-democracy forces in the struggle … Continue reading

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Back to ‘Baba’, ‘Mtukufu’ and fear?

“The price of democracy is eternal vigilance” so said USA’s Thomas Jefferson. Over the last few weeks in Kenya since the March 4 election, we have witnessed the defilement of democracy in the name of peace, as in the tweet below, that … Continue reading

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Questioning the ‘peace’: Our destiny is in our hands

High voter turnout is testament of our faith in the electoral process. Nobody is allowed to rob us of it I don’t know for certain how many of the 14 million or so registered voted in the March 4 election, … Continue reading

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